Langarth Stud

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We have been breeding horses for 50 years. We started with Welsh cobs and ponies and now specialise in performance horses based on the Welsh Part-Bred.  Here is a gallery of a small selection taken from the many past winners that Lan Garth stud has bred over the years.

  Cathedine Rainbow,  Foundation  Stallion for Lan Garth  Stud., shown at the Royal Welsh Show.

Gwenllian Gwen

Fountation mare and constant winner in the 1960s for the stud.

Lan Garth Llewellyn

Foundation Stallion for  Cwntawe Stud, being show at the RWS.

Gwenllian Primrose,

foundation mare winner at Northleach in the 1960s.

Lan Garth Morgan, winner of numerous driving competitions


Lan Garth Carol,

SHP Wembley winner.

Lan Garth Caroline,

National Pony Club Championships.

©John Britter Photography

Lan Garth Caroline and Lan Garth Sugar and Spice enjoying HT.

©Pleasure Prints.





Lan Garth Jubliation , Tweslsedown, 1993

©Peter Ayres


Triple Alliance,

 ridden by Pippa Funnell, BYEH finial, 1996 . (now in the USA)

©Iian Shaw

West Farthing,

winning at Rolex Kentucky ***,

USA 2005.

©Mischelle C. Dunn/

Lan Garth Rupert,

winning at Weston Park,,2000.

©Equestrian Services Thorney.


   Look at our facebook page to see the latest news about Lan Garth Stud's achievements. If you  have are a present owner of a Lan Garth horse do e-mail to tell us how well you are doing!